Aaruhi Institute and aaruhiinstitute.in and (hereinafter called as website”) are the part of Aaruhi Institute (herenafter called as “company” or “AIPL”). AIPL is engaged in facilitating enrollment of students with various degree, diploma and other certification programmes offered by various Indian educational institutions and universities. In this relation, AIPL also provides certain facilitation and value added services to, or for the benefit of the educational institutions and universities, on a principal-to-principal basis.
This website and the company ​seek to assist students in making informed choices about their distance education needs and connect with course providers. In doing so, this website ​and the company ​do not promote any course provider over the other. This website ​and the company ​seek to be information provider​s​ and ​are​ not Study Centre​s​, and ha​ve​ no role whatsoever in determining a student’s eligibility, the admission decision, tuition fees, academic delivery, examinations and awarding degrees for any university, institution or course provider. Students are strongly advised to visit UGC Distance Education Bureau website to check details such as status of approval/recognition of universities and institutes and their territorial jurisdiction before enrolling for any course. The UGC has from time to time issued advisory notifications in the interest of students. Students are strongly advised to read these notifications at http://www.ugc.ac.in/deb/notices.html and take a considered decision before enrolling for any course. ​
Pricing of all degree courses and certifications are subject to change from time to time. Various taxes, surcharges, fees and other assessments may apply on the Course Fee. This service is intended only for persons who satisfy the minimum qualifications prescribed in respect of each course. Our courses do not guarantee any improvement in the skill set, talent or knowledge of a user.
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